Being a game master for a tabletop role-playing game is challenging. We need to know the rules, mechanics, the plot, encounters, and the world the player characters will find themselves. It’s not easy. Toss in the crazy amount of different rpg’s out there to play!

I believe GMing is a craft. Much like public speaking, improvisation, woodworking, or an athletic sport, it can be improved upon. As we run our favorite role-playing game, we may face a situation that has not presented itself before. Perhaps the players, in this game, are going a different direction than what the game master had planned. These situations have an impact on us and our craft – for better or for worse.

GM Mastermind is a bit more than just another rpg podcast. It is made up of three distinct elements:

  1. Moderator – that’s me, Sean
  2. The Mind – if you are a listener of the show, you are part of The Mind. :cue booming voice: Welcome to The Mind!!
  3. The Brain Trust – members of The Mind that have volunteered to lend their insight, advice, and experience to an episode of GM Mastermind. Volunteer to be part of The Brain Trust!

In short, The Brain Trust is a panel of GMs that rotates from episode to episode. Members of The Brain Trust play different games, their style may differ, and who they are will be different. The one sure thing that they will share is their passion for running tabletop rpgs. The diversity is what will make GM Mastermind a valuable resource for present and future rpg game masters.

The goal of the GM Mastermind is to share ideas and thoughts in order to make us better rpg game masters. Listen to episode zero as I elaborate.

Sean is the producer and moderator of GM Mastermind. When he’s not writing his own byline in third person, he enjoys playing tabletop role-playing games and meeting the awesome members of the rpg community. As of this entry, he’s winding down his rpg podcast Gaming and BS which he co-hosted with his long-time friend, Brett, for the last 7+ years and 384 episodes.

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