Story. Story? Story!

We talk about story in rpgs, but is it story as product, or story as byproduct in tabletop role-playing games? A story is to be told. We talk about how we are here to share a story, or impact the story within our rpg. It is certainly a shared experience. However, how much is predetermined and how much is from play?

Anthony, aka Runeslinger, from Casting Shadows blog and podcast joins The Brain Trust.

Brett from Gaming and BS rpg podcast and brain behind the rpg setting The Streets of Avalon also joins The Brain Trust.

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Two Person, Duet RPG Gaming

Two person gaming, also known as duet gaming, is one player and one game master. Some may refer to this as one-on-one gaming. A great format that may be overlooked.

In this episode we invite Craig Shipman, Third Floor Wars, and Eric Salzwedel join The Brain Trust to talk about running an rpg with just one game master and one player. We hope you enjoy the discussion.

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RPG Session Prep

RPG Session prep, it has to be done when you’re the game master about to run your tabletop rpg of choice. There are different methods of preparing your session, personal to each GM – especially the method, whether you choose index cards, some type of digital tool, etc. Thorough prep is great, but it can lead to spending too much time on details you may present into the game. Not enough session prep and you risk being caught flat footed! Ask one hundred game masters about how to prep for your session and you will get one hundred different responses.

In this episode we invite Phil Vecchione, author Never Unprepared, and Jim Ingram join The Brain Trust to talk about prepping your tabeltop rpg session. We hope you enjoy the discussion.

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Game Mastering Horror and Suspense RPGs

Horror and suspense role-playing games has its own set of challenges when running for a group. How do you keep it from going into a comedy night? Are there methods to keep up the level of suspense that is often different than your typical fantasy rpg.

In this episode we invite Bridgett Jeffries and Caleb Stokes to be part of The Brain Trust. Both have experience running horror and suspense. We hope you enjoy their insight.

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Session Zero Advice

Providing advice on how to perform a session zero, the session before you start your one-shot or rpg campaign. In session zero there can be a lot to cover, everything from scheduling to home rules to safety tools. Four out of five game masters state that conducting a session zero can increase the odds of having a successful rpg game.

Please welcome Jared, Kimi and Senda to The Brain Trust to talk about session zero.

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